Forecasting Guide

This planning guide represents our best effort to give students and parents information on a wide range of things, from graduation requirements to college requirements to the variety of classes we offer.

The following documents are in PDF format, unless otherwise specified.

2024-25 Curriculum Guide

2024-25 Forecasting Sheet – Freshman

2024-25 Forecasting Sheet – Sophomores

2024-25 Forecasting Sheet – Juniors

2024-25 Forecasting Sheet – Seniors

Leadership Application

Aide Application

Regardless of which year you are in high school, taking the time to plan for the future is essential. Those students who realize this are often more successful, and find that they are better prepared for whatever path they choose after high school.

Our best advice to students is to take the most rigorous classes you can across a broad spectrum of subjects. You never know what you might want to do later in life, you don’t know what changes will take place in the world, and having the best education possible is one sure way to help prepare for the unknown!

Also, taking the time to make smart choices now helps us in planning which classes to offer and how many sections of each class to have. Smart choices now will help make sure you get the classes you want when you want them.

Take your time and read through the material in this Forecasting Guide. If you have questions on anything, contact your counselor and have them help you.