Lantern Cup Award

Lantern Cups have been presented at graduation to Pendleton High School seniors since at least 1917.  The LanternLantern Cup Cup is the highest honor given to a graduating senior at PHS.  Recipients, in the opinion of the Pendleton High School faculty, have shown significant personal developmenthave maintained a high standard of scholarship, and contributed in a marked way to the success of their class.

The actual cups were paid for from the profits of “The Lantern” student newspaper, which was, at that time, sold to students for a nominal fee.  The name of the award was thus derived from the name of Pendleton High School’s original student newspaper, The Lantern.  This cup, in its earliest days, was then put on display in Pendleton’s Royal M. Sawtelle’s jewelry store window in downtown Pendleton.

Over time, the distribution of the award has changed. Initially, one student was selected per year, later, a boy and girl from the senior class were selected.  Today, four (on some occasions, five) students are awarded the Lantern Cup, regardless of gender. These cups and the names of the recipients are on display in the main lobby of Pendleton High School.  The names are also displayed on Pendleton High School’s website under historic awards.

Pendleton High School faculty members that have been on staff for a minimum of three years vote annually for the recipients of the Lantern Cup Award.

This award is the oldest and is considered to be the most prestigious award at PHS.

We need your help!

The Leadership class at Pendleton High School has researched past Lantern Cup Recipients in the last few years.   We have encountered some problems finding all of the past winners (either principals did not turn in their notes or the information was NOT in the EO/Yearbook) – as they were announced at graduation. We have need for any information regarding ANY FORMER Lantern Cup Recipients that are NOT identified. Please email Stu Clem if you know  any information that would help us.

Lantern Cup Recipients (PDF’s)

Download the complete list here. (Updated June 5, 2024)

*We do not have any other records of Lantern Cup Award recipients during these years, if you know of any recipients, please email Stu Clem.

If you would like to see the original Citizenship Cup Awards and the current lists of Lantern Cup Winners, please visit the PHS main lobby, where they are proudly recognized!