9/16/2020 - Weight Training and Dance

Weight training is canceled until Sept 21.  Dance is canceled till Sept 18.  Afternoon sports will be day to day, a decision made by 1 pm.

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Kyle Burnside Memorial Award and Scholarship

Kyle Burnside will always be remembered as a student athlete who gave to others.  He participated in both Cross Country and Track as well as gave his time and efforts to helping with the Round Up City Racer Youth Track Program.

The recipients of the Kyle Burnside award have participated in both Cross Country and Track at Pendleton High School for more than one season in each sport.  The recipients have also volunteered with the Round Up City Racers, demonstrating the importance of both dedication and generosity to others.

Our Pendleton high school athletic memorials can be found in the Buckaroo Hall of Champions (BHC), outside of Warberg Court.  All memorials either recognize outstanding coaches or athletes that have made a tremendous impact on Pendleton High School. Student-athletes at Pendleton High School are chosen annually by their varsity coaches to be recipients of these memorial awards.

2011 Nicole Dillavou, Katie Dillavou, Tyler Zyph, Jacob Peterson, Fabian Argueta

2012 Kevin Robinson, Courtlyn Goodwin, Sandra Torre

2013 Jacob Rickman, Kyle Waggoner, Blake Franklin

2014 Weyekin Bill; Daniel Van Cleave

2015 Hannah Boozer; Madison Kelm

2016 Nolan Bylenga; Chyenne Carey; Delaney Clem; Clancy Deutz; Grayson Hughbanks; Zoe Fishel; Asa Richerson; Taryn Sokoloski; Kaleigh Waggoner