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Lacee Lemmon Award

August 28, 1980 – September 29, 1997
Outstanding Female Athlete

A memorial in the halls of PHS
is not the only place you’ll find me,
I’m in your hearts, I’m at your games,
I’m anywhere my friends remain.

The spirit of Lacee Lemmon lives forever in our hearts,
Although her life was short, she lived it with gusto,
And was a positive influence to everyone.

For those who did not know her,
She was spontaneous and happy, carefree and confident,
Courteous, a loyal friend and team player, a natural beauty.

To receive this award is an honor
The criteria is simply based on the following:

Athletic interest, Dedication, Sportsmanship
and the desire to

1997-1998  Jodi Justus

1998-1999  Alyssa McLaughlin

1999-2000  Sarah Keeler

2000-2001  Chelsea Freeman; Erin Nooy

2001-2002  Shannon Malcom

2002-2003  Chelsea Pahl

2003-2004  Amica Vogler

2004-2005  Carly Edwards

2005-2006  MacKenzie Larson

2006-2007  Maggie Shaw

2007-2008  Shanna Treloar

2008-2009  Alexis Doutre

2009-2010  Kelli Demianew; Kristin VanCleave

2010-2011  Marika Sitz

2011-2012  Cecelia Bonifer; Courtney Schumacher

2012-2013  Alaina Corbett

2013-2014  Reeghan Lehnert; Charmayne Robinson

2014-2015  Darian Lindsey; Kristin Williams

2015-2016  Shelby Greb; Cecilia Hoffman

2016-2017  Haley Greb

2017-2018  Kalan McGlothan

2018-2019  Kathleen Bradt

2020-2021  Josie Wilson