Herbicide Notice

PSD Facilities will be spraying for broadleaf throughout all lawn and ornamentals in the School District on October 14, 2022 weather dependent.

Richard Al Nixon Scholarship

Richard “Al” Nixon was a coach, teacher and administrator at PHS from 1935-1966. Coach Nixon coached all four major sports at PHS as well as wrestling and boxing. He often coached more than one sport at the same time during a season! The Richard “Al” Nixon Memorial award is given to students who excel in athletics as well as academics and are planning on attending Oregon State University.

Our Pendleton high school athletic memorials can be found in the Buckaroo Hall of Champions (BHC), outside of Warberg Court.  All memorials either recognize outstanding coaches or athletes that have made a tremendous impact on Pendleton High School. Student-athletes at Pendleton High School are chosen annually by their varsity coaches to be recipients of these memorial awards.

1983 Randy Schimmel

1985 David Lilienthal

1986 Jeffrey Kendrick

1987 Erik Jensen

1988 Mark Ignowski

1989 Kristen Applegate

1990 Kristen Applegate

1991 Gayle Tanner

1992 Christine LeGore

1993 Krista Kissner

1994 Matthew Harsch

1995 Kyle Reese

1996 Kristen Elliott

1997 Joel Beherndt

1998 Heather Snyder

1999 Dustin Gronso

2000 Matthew Hartzheim

2002 Kelsey Hawkins

2003 Anna Wilcox

2004 Stephen Young/Anna Zimmerman

2005 Alina Haberstroh

2006 Jaymi Grant

2007 Maggie Shaw

2008 Steven Gundlach

2009 Lisa Corley

2010 Michael Imhoff

2011 Andrew Robinson

2012 Ethan Johnson

2013 Zachary Szumski

2014 Virginia Kerns

2015 Riley Kendrick

2016 Lauren Roberts

2017 Abby Rinehart

2018 Doria Summerfield

2019 Gabriel Umbarger