First Day of School is August 31, 2021

Students will be attending all day, every day.

Ashlee Hodgen Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Ashlee Hodgen.  Ashlee grew up in Pendleton and Echo.  She loved life and everyone she met.  Ashlee dedicated herself to sports and always helping others.  She was the daughter of Mike Hodgen and Cari and Eric Volger.  The Ashlee Hodgen Memorial Scholarship represents work ethic, sportsmanship, leadership, attitude, teamwork and commitment to the baseball or softball program at Pendleton High School.

2016  Kai Quinn; Devon Roe; James Bradt; Jack Peterson; Kiersten Murphy

2017 Caleb Cary; Tatum Fell; Payton Hergert; Wyatt Morris; Madison Parker; Hayden Villers; Austin Zaugg

2018 Nick Bower; Avery Deutz; Rylee Gentner; Shaw Jerome

2019  Justin Duso; Gabriel Umbarger; Quinn Doherty; Ryan Stahl; Matthew Demianew