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ASPIRE: Scholarship Information

Class of 2021 Scholarship List (Click here)

Class of 2022 Scholarship List (Click here)

This is a list of private scholarships arranged in order by application deadline. This is a working document that is updated as information becomes available.

***Don’t forget to check the scholarship opportunities at all the colleges you are applying to! In addition to researching this list, ASPIRE recommends all students research the scholarship opportunities at all the schools they are applying to as there are often additional applications for college specific scholarships in addition to the application for admission.

  • General College Scholarships: some included with school admission application, some require separate application/essays
  • Academic program specific scholarships (ex: College of Engineering, Forestry, Political Science)


HOW to find and complete scholarship applications:

  • Research Research Research! Identify a list of scholarships that apply to you (see list below).
  • Don’t spend all your time researching – once you have a list going start completing scholarships before deadlines start to pass.
  • List out a timeline of scholarship deadlines and materials required – plan ahead! Application Tracker
  • Start working on and gathering any extra materials needed: essay(s), transcript, letter(s) of recommendation, activity chart (PDF), etc.
  • If you need a transcript, email Renee Moore ( and she can get you an electronic copy.
  • Before you submit: review the scholarship requirements and make sure you’re not missing anything.
  • Essays: don’t forget an ASPIRE volunteer can help edit your essays!
  • Check out this CHECKLIST for tips on submitting applications and essays.

Links to Scholarship Databases and Search engines:


  • Class of 2019 (PDF) brought in over $2,738,769 in scholarships!
  • Class of 2018 (PDF) brought in over $2,059,474 in scholarships!
  • Class of 2017 (PDF) brought in over $2,062,572  in scholarships!
  • Class of 2016 (PDF) brought in over $2,948,410 in scholarships!
  • Class of 2015 (PDF) brought in over $2,196,041 in scholarships!