First Day of School is August 31, 2021

Students will be attending all day, every day.

Rollin Schimmel Award

The student athletes who receive this award exemplify the valued traits that Rollin Schimmel applied to many areas of his life.  A tireless work ethic, a passion to succeed, a dedication to the cause and a calming leadership, not only in athletics, but scholastics and community service as well…these are the characteristics we most treasured in Rollin.

Coach Schimmel touched hundreds of lives, made men out of boys, and leaders of many who watched him work his wonders with all who surrounded him.  We are deeply indebted to Rollin’s incredible depth of humanity, sensitivity and understanding.  He will never be forgotten for his traits have been passed on to those who continue to help young people learn through the great sport of wrestling.

2007  Kenny Melton

2008  Sam Stewart

2009  Michael Savage

2010  Eder Garcia

2011  Roman Holcomb

2012  Trevor Hancock

2013  Dylan Holcomb

2014  PJ Schubert

2015  Ryan Skeen

2016  J.D. Peters

2017  Scott Chambers

2018  Brendon Bedolla

2019  Christopher Chambers