Herbicide Notice

PSD Facilities will be spraying for broadleaf throughout all lawn and ornamentals in the School District on October 14, 2022 weather dependent.

PHS orchestra
PHS Mud Wars

Mission Statement

Pendleton High School, in connection with the community, provides a comprehensive education that prepares our students to be literate, career-oriented, and productive citizens ready for the challenges of the Twenty-First Century.

Vision Statement

Pendleton High School is a place where I belong, where I can succeed!

School Environment

Pendleton High School will provide a safe, respectful, and inviting educational environment through:

  • Positive interaction between staff and students.
  • Continuous technology updates.
  • Academic rigor and relevance.
  • Appropriate student to teacher ratio necessary to allow for quality instruction.
  • Consistent policies of attendance and discipline in the belief that these are essential.

Academic Performance

All Pendleton High School students will:

  • Meet high academic standards through a coordinated K-12 curriculum.
  • Help contribute to and maintain a safe and positive learning environment.
  • Ensure and respect the rights of others.
  • Develop a career plan and pathway to help transition to their next steps beyond high school.

All staff will:

  • Offer a safe and positive learning environment.
  • Interact positively and communicate appropriately with all students, parents and others.
  • Offer a comprehensive, coordinated curriculum.
  • Provide opportunities for extended application of learning beyond the classroom.
  • Provide prompt feedback to students and parents.
  • Make full and efficient use of instructional time.

In order to accomplish our vision, Pendleton High School will:

  • Continuously and consciously strive to pursue our vision.
  • Make all decisions based on what is best for students and education.
  • Value staff participation in the decision making process.
  • Provide staff and students the resources necessary to achieve our vision.
  • Support an ongoing process of continuous staff development.
  • Communicate appropriately and honestly while working cooperatively within the district and community.
  • Recognize and celebrate student and staff accomplishments.