Herbicide Notice

PSD Facilities will be spraying for broadleaf throughout all lawn and ornamentals in the School District on October 14, 2022 weather dependent.

Damon Flagg Memorial Award and Scholarship

Damon Flagg will always be remembered as an exceptional athlete as well as a very enthusiastic student-athlete at Pendleton High School. This award and scholarship is presented to the Pendleton High School graduating senior who, like Damon, has dedicated himself to basketball, academics and community service throughout his four high school years.

Our Pendleton high school athletic memorials can be found in the Buckaroo Hall of Champions (BHC), outside of Warberg Court.  All memorials either recognize outstanding coaches or athletes that have made a tremendous impact on Pendleton High School. Student-athletes at Pendleton High School are chosen annually by their varsity coaches to be recipients of these memorial awards.

1993-1994 Andy McMillan
1994-1995 Gabe McCune
1995-1996 Corey Bowman
1996-1997 Kyle Rosselle
1997-1998 Ash Wendt
1998-1999 Bryson Bronson
1999-2000 Michael McMillan
2000-2001 Casey McLaughlin
2001-2002 Drew Larson
2002-2003 Justin Nuess
2003-2004 Josh Cochran
2004-2005 Ryan Reid
2005-2006 Trevor Patterson
2006-2007 Shann West
2007-2008 Mikal Wright
2008-2009 Spenser Sundin
2009-2010 Carson Clem, Travis Jones
2010-2011 Wyatt Whitten
2011-2012 Tyler Anderson, Bryan Beard
2012-2013 Quincy George
2013-2014 Donte Robinson
2014-2015 Dillon George; Malik Green
2015-2016 James Bradt
2016-2017 Caden Smith
2017-2018 Shaw Jerome; Ryan Russell
2018-2019 Cameron Sandford
2020-2021 Nick Sheley; Blake Swanson
2021-2022  Andy Oja