First Day of School is August 31, 2021

Students will be attending all day, every day.

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School to Careers Program

“Having the kids use our facility for educational purposes is not only a benefit to us, but it’s a huge opportunity for them to learn the skills needed in the real world. I find it a privilege to be able to be a part in helping the students grow!”
–  Chef Justin Norris, Blue Mountain Cafe

At Pendleton High School, the School to Careers Program is connecting students to meaningful career related learning experiences.

  • The School to Careers program engages high school students in a variety of career-related learning experiences.
  • By collaborating with business and industry partners, students gain hands-on, transferable career training that will prepare them for high wage, high demand jobs.
  • Our partners contribute career inspiration and insight and help students see themselves as an asset to the community and to their chosen career field.
  • These opportunities aim to meet the future employment needs of Pendleton’s students and and the workforce needs of our community.

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