Herbicide Notice

PSD Facilities anticipate putting down an herbicide treatment across the district grounds the week of March 27-31, 2023, weather dependent.

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Honors Diploma

PHS students who take our most rigorous classes have the opportunity to earn an Honors Diploma.  Students wishing to earn an Honors Diploma should consult with their counselor to make sure that they are on track to earn credit in the necessary classes.

Honor Diploma Requirements for Class of 2018 and beyond

10 total credits required

  • Credits to consist of:
    • At Least 7 credits from the following list:
      • At Least one from:
        • AP Language
        • AP Literature
      • At Least one from:
        • Honors Biology I
        • Honors Biology II
        • Honors Chemistry
        • Physics
      • At Least one from:
        • Honors Algebra 2
        • College Algebra
        • PreCalc/Trig
        • Calculus
      • At Least one from:
        • AP World History
        • AP US History
        • AP Government
    • Other credit options:
      • Other Honors courses:
        • Spanish III
        • Spanish IV
        • French III
        • French IV
        • Fundamentals of Speech (0.5 CR)
        • Advanced Music (Symphonic Band, A Capella Choir) 1 CR Max
        • Graphics II (0.5)
        • Foods IV

All courses applied to the Honors Diploma must be at a C or better grade.  Cumulative weighted GPA must be at least 3.25.  (Honors Geometry is a weighted course, but does not apply as a credit toward the Honors Diploma)