Lacee Ann Lemmon Scholarship and Award

Lacee will always be remembered as an outgoing, spirited and hardworking basketball and volleyball player at Pendleton High School. This award and scholarship goes to the outstanding female senior basketball player that demonstrated Lacee’s outstanding personality traits.

Our Pendleton high school athletic memorials can be found in the Buckaroo Hall of Champions (BHC), outside of Warberg Court.  All memorials either recognize outstanding coaches or athletes that have made a tremendous impact on Pendleton High School. Student-athletes at Pendleton High School are chosen annually by their varsity coaches to be recipients of these memorial awards.

1997-1998 Jodi Justus

1998-1999 Alyssa McLaughlin

1999-2000 Sarah Keeler

2000-2001 Chelsie Freeman, Erin Nooy

2001-2002 Shannon Malcom

2002-2003 Chelsea Pahl

2003-2004 Amica Vogler

2004-2005 Carly Edwards

2005-2006 MacKenzie Larson

2006-2007 Maggie Shaw

2007-2008 Shanna Treloar

2008-2009 Alexis Doutre

2009-2010 Kelli Demianew, Kristin Van Cleave

2010-2011 Marika Sitz

2011-2012 Cecelia Bonifer, Courtney Schumacher

2012-2013 Alaina Corbett

2013-2014 Reeghan Lehnert, Charmayne Robinson

2014-2015 Darian Lindsey; Kristin Williams

2015-2016 Shelby Greb; Cecilia Hoffman