Don Requa Memorial Scholarship and Award

Don Requa was the Pendleton Buckaroo Football Coach from 1951-1986. Coach Requas’ teams won 301 games and a record 24 Intermountain conference championships. This award is presented to the Pendleton High School football players who most exemplifies the standards set by Don Requa.

Our Pendleton high school athletic memorials can be found in the Buckaroo Hall of Champions (BHC), outside of Warberg Court.  All memorials either recognize outstanding coaches or athletes that have made a tremendous impact on Pendleton High School. Student-athletes at Pendleton High School are chosen annually by their varsity coaches to be recipients of these memorial awards.

1989 Toby Moore

1990 Mike Graber

1991 Ray Duchek

1992 John Duff

1993 Tony Hilde

1994 Tucker Fife

1995 Ty Haguewood

1996 Adam Hawkins

1997 Justin Brown, Kyle Garret, Kyle Rosselle

1998 Eric Arbogast

1999 Wes Price

2000 Blair Hawkins

2001 Riley Hall

2002 Drew Larson

2003 Roy Schuening

2004 Chase Berry

2005 Erik Anderson

2006 Guy Hamm

2007 Kenny Melton

2008 Cody Warner, JJ Rosenberg

2009 Jared Standley

2010 Devon Polhamus

2011 Jacob Watkins

2012 Lathan Alger

2013 Connor Johnson

2014 Chad McCoy

2015 Terrel Platt

2016 Kai Quinn