Scholarship Information

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Scholarship Applications:

Hello PHS Class of 2020 Seniors,

During this extended break from school I'd like to remind you that there are still scholarships to apply to! I urge you to take advantage of your extra free time and apply for as many scholarships as possible.

Continue to check this list below for links to all scholarship applications. I will continue to update this list as scholarships become available.

2019/20 Scholarship Listing

For a more specific list of just local scholarships and their deadlines you can refer to this list. Remember, all applications are in the list above (simple do a word search with ctl+F on your keyboard to search for the scholarship).

Local Scholarship List <-- check this list for all local scholarships including deadline extensions and electronic submission information!

Other hints and suggestions:

- If you need an activity chart, here's a good example: Activity Chart

- If you need a transcript, email Renee Moore ( and she can get you an electronic copy. 

- If you need a letter of recommendation don't hesitate to email your teachers.

Keep up the hard work everyone!


The current Scholarship Booklet is also available in the ASPIRE Office.  Note: the most up-to-date deadlines are in the link above, not the booklet.

HOW to find and complete scholarship applications:

  • Research Research Research! Identify a list of scholarships that apply to you (see list below).
  • Don’t spend all your time researching – once you have a list going start completing scholarships before deadlines start to pass.
  • List out a timeline of scholarship deadlines and materials required – plan ahead! Application Tracker
  • Start working on and gathering any extra materials needed: essay(s), transcript, letter(s) of recommendation, activity chart (PDF), etc.
  • Before you submit: review the scholarship requirements and make sure you’re not missing anything.
  • Essays: don’t forget an ASPIRE volunteer can help edit your essays!
  • Check out this CHECKLIST for tips on submitting applications and essays

WHERE to find scholarships:

  • College specific scholarships - look in the following areas at all the school's you've applied to:
    • General Scholarships: some included with school admission application, some require separate application/essays
    • Academic program specific scholarships (ex: College of Engineering, Forestry, Political Science)
  • ASPIRE Greenbook (same as link at the top of the page) – be sure to check out all the local scholarships!
  • Large, national databases like (or other online databases listed below)
  • Google search: unique qualities/circumstances, special interests, family affiliations & background, religion, medical history, hobbies, academic interest, parent/grandparent employers

Other Links to Scholarship Databases and Search engines: