Principal's Letter

Principal Melissa SandvenAugust 29, 2018

Hello Parents and Students,

My name is Melissa Sandven and I am honored to be the new principal of Pendleton High School. Our administrative team includes assistant principals, Troy Jerome and Curt Thompson. Our vision for Pendleton High school is to provide rigorous, engaging instruction, and a safe, orderly learning environment. We know that our students learn differently and that we need to be relentless about meeting their individual needs. Our staff is professional and skilled so our plan is to build on our strengths and keep getting better. We are proud that our 2018 graduation rate was one of the top ten in Oregon. Go Bucks!

Our staff is fortified by the addition of new staff members:

  • Erin Attridge, Special Education Assistant
  • Zach Dong, PE/Health Teacher, Boys Basketball Coach
  • Katie Hall, Special Education Teacher
  • Kylee Jensen, Agriculture Teacher, FFA Advisor
  • Evan Rummerfield, English Teacher
  • Kelly Simpson, Success Coordinator at Hawthorne
  • Melissa Smith, Culinary/Hospitality and Tourism Teacher

The school year has kicked off with a positive tone.

  • Link Crew Activities
  • Fall Sports
  • Leadership Activities
  • School-Wide Buck Pride
  • School-Community Partnerships

Please work with us to support your student's academic achievement this year. It would be great if you could emphasize these keys to Academic Achievement with your student:

Accountability and Effort: Students need to be accountable for their own learning. Encourage your student to do their best work every day, to ask questions, and ask for help when they need it. Help them establish routines around when to study, when to go to sleep, and the importance of sleep, exercise and diet.

Attendance: Support your student in attending school every day on time. Encourage him/her to arrive to class on time with the necessary supplies, ready to learn. Remind him/her that sleeping late is not an appropriate excuse to be late for school. Arriving on time is an important life skill.

Respect: Encourage your students to be respectful of others and to follow the rules. We believe that respectful relationships, clear expectations, and structure contribute to a school environment that is conducive to learning. The electronics/cell phone policy states that cell phones and electronics are turned off and put away unless a teacher has given explicit permission for them to be used as a learning tool.

As the administration of Pendleton High School, communication with parents and guardians is a priority. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns. We cannot resolve a problem if we do not know it exists. Here some different ways we can communicate with you:

  • Call us
  • E-mail us
  • Make an appointment
  • Visit our School Website and Teacher Websites
  • School Events
  • Auto-dialer Phone Calls

We look forward to a robust year of teaching and learning with your students. They are in good hands.


Melissa Sandven, Principal