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2019/20 Scholarship Listing

This document is continually updated as scholarship deadlines become available (every month expired scholarships are removed from the list). Please confirm application deadlines and obtain correct applications for the current academic year.

Many of the local scholarships are available through the above document in PDF form. Unless the scholarship specifically asks you to handwrite on the application, we encourage you to submit typed appliations. How to type on PDF Scholarship Applications:
- Click on pdf link from scholarship listing. A pdf of the document will open in Google Docs (you must be logged into your Google Account to access Google Docs).
- Click on “Open With” and select “DocHub”.
- Within DocHub you can create text boxes above spaces where information needs to be entered.

The current Scholarship Booklet is also available in the ASPIRE Office.  Note: the most up-to-date deadlines are in the link above, not the booklet.

HOW to find and complete scholarship applications:

  • Research Research Research! Identify a list of scholarships that apply to you (see list below).
  • Don’t spend all your time researching – once you have a list going start completing scholarships before deadlines start to pass.
  • List out a timeline of scholarship deadlines and materials required – plan ahead! Application Tracker
  • Start working on and gathering any extra materials needed: essay(s), transcript, letter(s) of recommendation, activity chart (PDF), etc.
  • Before you submit: review the scholarship requirements and make sure you’re not missing anything.
  • Essays: don’t forget an ASPIRE volunteer can help edit your essays!
  • Check out this CHECKLIST for tips on submitting applications and essays

WHERE to find scholarships:

  • College specific scholarships - look in the following areas at all the school's you've applied to:
    • General Scholarships: some included with school admission application, some require separate application/essays
    • Academic program specific scholarships (ex: College of Engineering, Forestry, Political Science)
  • ASPIRE Greenbook (same as link at the top of the page) – be sure to check out all the local scholarships!
  • Large, national databases like (or other online databases listed below)
  • Google search: unique qualities/circumstances, special interests, family affiliations & background, religion, medical history, hobbies, academic interest, parent/grandparent employers

Other Links to Scholarship Databases and Search engines: