Home Access Center

We have two programs that students and parents can use to keep up on student progress in school, Home Access and Moodle.

Home Access

Home Access gives students and parents access to grades, attendance, student transcripts, and test scores.  Each parent has a different log-in and password, and the student has a different one. 

If you don’t know your log-in and password for Home Access, call Renee Moore at 541-966-3848, or Becky Anderson at 541-966-3804


If your student in enrolled in Geometry or Algebra 2 with Mrs. Wilson or Mr. Oja, you can track their progress in class via Moodle.   

Students complete much of the class work for Geometry and Algebra 2 on Moodle.  The benefit to students is that they receive multiple opportunities to work on problems, and they know immediately if they got the problem right or wrong.  They can also see an up-to-date grade. Also, the math teachers have posted their lectures, plus other math help links on Moodle so that students can get help outside of class. 

The benefit to parents with this program is that it gives you an exact, up-to-date picture of a student’s progress.  Rather than show grades that are compiled at the end of every week, the grade in Moodle changes every time a student does more work.  Parents can look every day to see if a student has completed their work, see how many times they have redone problems, plus see grades.

As a parent, if you have any problems with logging in to Moodle, contact Ms. Wilson at wendy.wilsonatpendleton.k12.or.us  or Mr. Oja at eric.ojaatpendleton.k12.or.us