Bell Schedule

**Mondays in the 2019-2020 school years will start one hour later to provide teachers with dedicated time for school improvement centered around state and District initiatives and time to discuss instructional practices.


Period 1 8:00-8:45
Period 2 8:50-9:35
Period 3 9:40-10:25
Period 4 10:30-11:15
Lunch 11:20-11:50
Period 5 11:55-12:40
Academic Advisory 12:45-1:20
Period 6 1:25-2:10
Period 7 2:15-3:00


Period 1 9:00-9:37
Period 2 9:42-10:19
Period 3 10:24-11:01
Period 4 11:06-11:43
Lunch 11:48-12:18
Period 5 12:23-1:00
Academic Advisory 1:05-1:36
Period 6 1:41-2:18
Period 7 2:23-3:00
  • Class length:  Monday class length is 37 minutes, Tuesday through Friday is 45 minutes.
  • Passing time between each period is 5 minutes. A tardy 20 min. or more is considered an absence. The lunch period is 30 minutes.
  • Monday Academic Advisory is a non-travel day for students. Teachers will advise students regarding grades, progress, etc. 
  • Tuesday through Friday Academic Advisory is a travel day for requested students.  All students will initially report to their Academic Advisory class. After attendance has been take, those students who have been requested through Gears will travel to the teacher/class they were requested by. Traveling students will remain in that class until the end of Academic Advisory. No students are allowed out of class unless they are requested through the Gears program.
  • Students stay in Academic Advisory, unless they are traveling to another class.
  • Wednesday Academic Advisory is designated for assemblies, club meetings, PBIS activities, etc.