Senior Parents Letter - October

Pictures are already starting to come in! Grab your old photo albums and start looking through them. It will take longer than you think, as you start to go down memory lane, looking at old photos of your senior! Look for photos for:

  • Toy chest: a young photo and an older photo with a favorite toy/sport etc. only two photos are needed. Electronic submissions are greatly preferred and can be sent to Hard copies can be dropped off with Marti in the office
  • Baby photo for hallway: any young photo will do (make it so people have to guess who it is.....) remember to put the name of your senior on the back. Only one photo is needed and copies are recommended, you will not get these back. Electronic submissions can be sent to
  • Group pictures: this is for the senior video played at banquet and skit. Group photos are best, and several photos can be sent! Electronic submissions are greatly preferred and can be sent to Copies can be dropped off with Marti in the office.
  • Senior photo for yearbook: deadline is December 15th. Follow the guidelines of the handout given at registration. Committees: It is not too late to join a committee! We need all the help we can get to put on the senior activities. If you have not signed up for a committee, now is the time!

Committees: donations, decorations, flowers, baccalaureate, scholarship, graduation, senior banquet and all night party. Please email me if you would like to join a committee (.) Any help is appreciated.

Please be a part of your graduates’ final PHS events. Please send a $50 check made out to the senior class 2018. Please have your senior drop it off to Marti in the office, or send it to:

PHS senior class 2018
1800 Carden Avenue
Pendleton, OR 97801

Make sure you note on the check your senior’s name. Please consider donating to other seniors, of which this may be a hardship. The sooner you get this check in, the sooner you get to mark it off of your senior’s “to-do-list” which gets extremely long throughout their last year.

Lastly, later this month you will be receiving a survey on the venue for the Senior All Night Party. The two options we are looking at are the RAC in Pendleton, or Wahooz and Pins in Meridian, Idaho ( Please take a moment to explore the site, talk to your senior, and get their opinion on this survey. Wahooz would be a fun but long trip, but so is life after high school.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

- Kim Richards

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