PHS Oregon Diploma


All students who have demonstrated the ability to meet the full set of academic content standards.


25 Credits: Under regular conditions with or without accommodations; Credit by proficiency.

Eligible Student Populations

All Students: Regular Education Students, Special Education Students, Students on a Section 504

Post Secondary Options

  • 4-year College
  • Community College
  • Military
  • Employment

Graduation Requirements

Subject Area

Class of 2016-2019

English 4
Social Studies 3
Math 3
Science 3
PE 1
Health 1
Success 101 .5
Success 201/Careers .5
Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Career and Technical Education, or Foreign Language 3
Electives 6
Plan and Profile Yes
CRLE 16 hours
Essential Skills Reading, Writing, and Math

Essential Skills – State required

Proficiency required in 2014 and Beyond

Assessment   Options

Achievement Standards

Read and comprehend a variety of text

OAKS Reading Assessment (previously passed)
SMARTER balanced Assessment
Local assessments (work samples)



Write clearly and accurately

OAKS Writing Performance Assessment (previously passed)
SMARTER balanced Assessment
3 Writing Work Samples
(one each expository, persuasive & narrative)

40 Composite Score: Ave. 4 on each of the four required traits.


Score: 4 on each of four required traits for each work sample*

Apply mathematics in a variety of settings

OAKS Mathematics Assessment (previously passed)
SMARTER balanced Assessment
2 Mathematics Work Samples (one each for two of the following: geometry, algebraic relationships, statistics/probability)
Local approved assessment option*



Score: 4 on each of the four strands plus accuracy*

*using official state scoring guide

*Specifics of the Local Assessment option are available on the district and high school web sites.

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