Honoring Our Military Veterans - We Need YOUR Help!

As you know, we will be having our Honoring our Veteran’s Day at PHS on Friday May 26th. At this point we are having some trouble filling all the slots for speaking, etc. Our goal is to have as many participants as possible. Currently we have about 20 veterans from various branches of the military committed. We are looking to have 60+ total involved. Participants can be veterans of any branch of service and they can be inactive or active duty. Our challenge to everyone is to step up and try to find 1 veteran who will be willing to participate in our day. Below is the information form that we are having people fill out. If you are willing to take this challenge, find someone, get a commitment, and have them fill out the form as soon as possible.

PHS Track Closed Starting May 10

The track and field at Pendleton High School will be inaccessible and closed to public use (considered a construction zone) starting starting Wednesday, May 10, due to replacement of the track. The track will be closed all summer, as the project is slated to continue through August.

This project, along with a minor renovation of the high school auditorium, will complete the district’s bond projects.

Class of 1987 - 30 Year Class Reunion

We will be holding our 30 year class reunion July 28-30.

For more information please contact TK or Jennifer Kennedy at (541) 969-4770.

Honoring Our Military Veterans

On Friday, May 26, 2017, Pendleton High School will be participating in a day of honoring our military veterans. This day will incorporate a variety of events, including an opening assembly, keynote speakers, small group guest speakers, memorabilia and equipment on display, and an honor assembly.

Pendleton School District Improves Graduation Rate

The graduation rate for the Pendleton School District increased by more than nine percentage points from the 2014-15 school year to the 2015-16 school year, according to rates released on January 26 by the Oregon Department of Education.

The district’s 2015-16 four-year cohort rate for all students was 83.93%, compared to the previous year’s rate of 74.52%. This rate is for all students at Pendleton High School, Hawthorne High School and Nixya’awii Community School. The district’s rate is significantly higher than the Oregon state graduation rate of 74.83%.

New System for Reporting School Safety Concerns

The Pendleton School District has a new system, called SafeOregon, for reporting school safety threats. SafeOregon is a program created for Oregon students, parents, school staff, and community members to report and respond to student safety threats. Tips can be submitted through email, phone call or text, mobile app or the web portal. Tips are confidential and can be made anonymously.

Tips may include bullying, violence, threat of violence, harassment, intimidation, cyber bullying, self-harm, etc.

Attendance Matters! District Provides Guidelines

One of the most important things we can do to support our students’ learning and their continued academic success is to encourage regular attendance. The state of Oregon has defined the expectations for schools, students and parents in the 2015 Oregon Compulsory School Attendance Laws. Pendleton School District continues to support students and families in meeting these regulations. Please review the updated Pendleton School District Absences and Truancy Guidelines  (PDF)

District Continues Attendance Campaign

The Pendleton School District continues to focus on attendance during the month of October.

Parents of school-aged children are the best resource to ensure good attendance for students, but often don’t realize how quickly absences can add up to academic trouble. Students usually don’t realize the cost of absenteeism. In a national survey, nearly half the older students surveyed believe they could skip a day a week and still not suffer academically. Every absence matters at every grade level. Every day missed is a day of instruction missed, a day of classroom interaction with students and teachers that can’t be recovered. Here are some parent resources:

Mathematics Essential Skill Proficiency

In Oregon, students graduating in 2014 and beyond must demonstrate proficiency in the Mathematics Essential Skill: 

Apply mathematics in a variety of settings

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