Honoring Our Military Veterans - We Need YOUR Help!

As you know, we will be having our Honoring our Veteran’s Day at PHS on Friday May 26th. At this point we are having some trouble filling all the slots for speaking, etc. Our goal is to have as many participants as possible. Currently we have about 20 veterans from various branches of the military committed. We are looking to have 60+ total involved. Participants can be veterans of any branch of service and they can be inactive or active duty. Our challenge to everyone is to step up and try to find 1 veteran who will be willing to participate in our day. Below is the information form that we are having people fill out. If you are willing to take this challenge, find someone, get a commitment, and have them fill out the form as soon as possible. They can be returned to Chris, Becky, Dan, Troy, or anyone else in the office. We are running out of time…Thank you for your help!!

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